Mobile Home Parks – Homeowner Risks and Rewards

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Mobile Home Lot Rent

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Mobile Home Lot Rent – Shopping for Deals, Costs Explained.

Definitions: “lot rent”, “space rent”, “land rent”, “land-lease”, “ground lease” are common terms that mean the same basic thing to customers. The mobile home sits upon rented land with utility hookups that the owner is billed for monthly.

How to find a mobile home park with good land rent. Are there hidden risks? Should you think about more than rent and mortgage?

House shoppers are looking for affordable shelter and want more privacy and convenience than living in an apartment. They also want a home they can call their own, to live in, and sell later for a profit.

When conventional housing prices rise beyond reach, an alternative may be a mobile home in a mobile home park. Some parks are attractive and well-kept and appeal to those that want to save money while enjoying many of the benefits of a conventional site-built home. But are there hidden risks?

What does it really cost to live in a mobile home park? What regular expenses and requirements are different from apartments and site-built homes? What is hidden from view? Are there risks?

Can a mobile home owner succeed financially over the long-term compared to those in apartments and site-built homes? When shopping for shelter, wise buyers should compare the alternatives, the costs, the benefits and risks before jumping in.

Top 6 Cost Issues for Mobile Home Lot Renters

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