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Manufactured Housing Owners, Thank You!

In this time of pollution, mega-mansions, energy waste and the dire need for affordable housing in the news, manufactured housing has the potential to be a solution to many of these crisis affecting America.

The way your housing is built and exists affects our lives, the environment and the lives and health of our future generations. If you are looking into living in this form of shelter, then you should be thanked. A manufactured house reduces problems that affect you and humanity and the earth.

This potential can be enhanced by both the residents and landlords of mobile home parks – if they do the right things and act as good citizens. However, if people decide to block or hamper these benefits, then the promise of better housing and a better world is lost.

Residents of mobile home parks must be able to afford to upkeep their homes and should be required to do so. Landlords must enforce health and safety regulations in the mobile home park and not charge so much lot rent that residents can no longer afford to maintain their homes and preserve them.

Cities must step in and be involved in preserving affordable housing by protecting the residents that buy and maintain these affordable, environmentally-friendly shelters.

This form of affordable housing already exists – it does not need to be “developed”. If landlords, investors, mobile home owners and cities all worked together, there will be fewer critical national and global problems to solve.

The problems of housing affordability and earth-destroying human behavior are reduced by manufactured housing, a form of housing that provides the shelter that can allow families, veterans, seniors immigrants and citizens to prosper.

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